Table II.

Arabidopsis proteins whose abundance was significantly different in wild-type dry mature Ler seeds compared to NahG dry mature Ler seeds

% Cov., coverage; Exp., experimental; MM, molecular mass; Th., theoretical; WT, wild-type; AGI, Arabidopsis Genome Initiative; NahG/WT, normalized spot volume in the NahG Arabidopsis dry seeds divided by the normalized spot volume in the wild-type Arabidopsis dry seeds, from three different gels and independent extractions.

No.Exp. MMExp. pIArabidopsis Protein Name% Cov.Th. MMTh. pIAGI No.Ratio NahG/WTa
70b49.437.1912S seed storage protein precursor22%52.497.68At5g441200.28
71b50.447.6712S seed storage protein precursor34%52.497.68At5g441200.37
520c32.815.99α-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)12%31.639.08At5g44120<0.01
119b30.276.10α-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)36%29.236.49At5g441200.44
120b30.406.17α-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)28%29.236.49At5g441200.31
437c27.844.97α-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)21%22.819.30At1g038900.11
25b23.326.89β-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)27%21.206.19At4g285200.17
439c25.905.88β-Cruciferin 12S (seed storage protein fragment)21%23.366.96At5g441200.28
236c26.945.74Cupin family protein α subunit11%23.525.83At2g284902.55
438c25.925.3920S proteasome α-subunit B (PAB1; PRC3)8%25.685.39At1g164700.19
440c27.275.88Expressed protein26%27.286.22At1g055105.38
435c55.345.64Lectin family protein19%51.185.50At2g330700.38
436c52.155.93Lectin family protein27%49.696.03At3g213800.29
SAHc46.954.80SAH (salicylate 1-monooxygenase)76%46.945.00P23262>100
  • a Data obtained from densitometric analysis of individual spots from proteins in 2D gels stained with silver nitrate.

  • b Listed proteins correspond to previously identified proteins (Gallardo et al., 2001, 2002a; Rajjou et al., 2004; Job et al., 2005).

  • c Listed proteins correspond to proteins identified during this work; the peptide sequences determined are available in Supplemental Table V.