Table II.

Microinduction of RBR gene expression leads to altered cell size

Apices of Tet∷RBR plants were microinduced with AhTet (+AhTet) or mock induced (−AhTet). At times after induction (24 or 72 h), samples were analyzed for cross-sectional cell area in either the apical meristem or P3 stage leaf primordium. Images were taken from at least three independent apices and the mean area and sd calculated from a total number of cells (n).

Tissue AnalyzedTreatmentMean (n)sd
Apical meristem−AhTet145.35 (214)43.17
+AhTet, 24 h209.26 (137)69.51
+AhTet, 72 h204.94 (256)61.29
Primordium−AhTet566.83 (50)202.57
+AhTet, 72 h251.13 (65)65.59