Table II.

NahG infection events relative to L. japonicus root growth

Data taken from 10 plants per line. Plants were germinated 7 d and then planted for 14 d before inoculation. Plants were harvested 2 weeks postinoculation and scored for infection events. Groups marked a, b, or c were statistically significant at α = 0.05 by a Student's t test. Asterisk (*) indicates total root length = tap root + lateral roots.

Wild TypeGI3.8 T3 (One Copy)GK2.8 T3 (One Copy)GK6.7 T3 (Two Copies)
Average nodule number/plant8a12b11b11b
Average number of infections/plant168a219b289c275c
Average number of infections/average total root length (cm)*7a6a7a7a
Average infection zone length (mm)6.1a7.7b7.7b8.5c
Average number of infection zones/plant3a4b5c4b
Average number of infections/infection zone length (mm)27.5a28.4a37.5b32.4b
Average tap root length (cm)6.2a8.4a10.7c12.7c
Average lateral root length (cm)19.8a26.7b27.9b24.3b
Average number of lateral roots/plant6a9b9b12c