Table II.

Sequence comparison of proteins participating in phosphoglycolate turnover with candidate proteins from Synechocystis using PSI- and PHI-BLAST (Altschul et al., 1997)

The similar proteins from bacteria or Arabidopsis are in most cases biochemical characterized.

Protein (Abbreviation)OrganismAccession No.LiteratureSimilarity e ValueORF in Synechocystis
Phosphoglycolate phosphatase (PGP)A. eutrophusP40852Schäferjohann et al. (1993)3e−08slr0458
Glycolate dehydrogenase subunit D (GlcD)E. coliAAC76015Pellicer et al. (1996)3e−126sll0404
Ala:glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGT)ArabidopsisAt2g13360Liepman and Olsen (2001)3e−59sll1559
GDC, P protein (GcvP)ArabidopsisAt2g26080H. Bauwe (unpublished data)0slr0293
GDC, T protein (GcvT)ArabidopsisAt1g11860H. Bauwe (unpublished data)7e−52sll0171
GDC, H protein (GcvH)ArabidopsisAt2g35120H. Bauwe (unpublished data)2e−28slr0879
GDC, L protein (GcvL)ArabidopsisAt3g16950H. Bauwe (unpublished data)1e−164slr1096
Ser hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT)ArabidopsisAt4g37930Voll et al. (2006)6e−94sll1931
Hydroxypyruvate reductase (HPR)ArabidopsisAt1g68010H. Bauwe (unpublished data)2e−28sll1908
Glycerate kinase (GLYK)E. coliAAB93855Cusa et al. (1999)3e−64slr1840
Glyoxylate carboligase (GCL)E. coliAAA23864Chang et al. (1993)1e−94slr2088
Tartronic semialdehyde reductase (TSR)E. coliP77161Cusa et al. (1999)3e−35slr0229