Table I.

Homologous branching genes isolated in different species and putative function

References for the characterization of these genes: MAX4 (At4g32810) and RMS1 (AY557341.1; Sorefan et al., 2003); DAD1 (AY743219), DAD2, DAD3 (Napoli, 1996; Snowden et al., 2005); MAX3 (At2g44990; Booker et al., 2004); RMS5 (DQ403160; Morris et al., 2001); HTD1 (AL663000.4; Zou et al., 2005); MAX1 (NP_565617; Booker et al., 2005; Lazar and Goodman, 2006); MAX2/ORE9 (AC007087; Woo et al., 2001; Stirnberg et al., 2002); RMS4 (DQ403159; Beveridge et al., 1996); D3 (AP006533; Ishikawa et al., 2005); DAD1 (AY743219; Snowden et al., 2005); RMS2 (Beveridge et al., 1994; Foo et al., 2005); RMS3 (Beveridge, 2000); MAX1 rice homolog ( full-length sequences: NP_917096, NP_917099, NP_917100, BAD17629; MAX4 rice homologs AP003296, AP003376.

SpeciesBiosynthesis of SMSSignal ReceptionUnknown Function
RiceTwo homologsHTD1Five homologsD3
PetuniaDAD1DAD2, DAD3