Table I.

His kinase-like proteins of rice

Gene SymbolSynonymsChromosome LocusFeaturesaFamily
Ers1bOs03g49500C2H4, HKEthylene receptor
Ers2bOs05g06320C2H4, HKEthylene receptor
Etr2bOs04g08740C2H4, HKL, RecEthylene receptor
Etr3bOs02g57530C2H4, HKL, RecEthylene receptor
Etr4bOs07g15540C2H4, HKL, RecEthylene receptor
Hk1cOs06g44410HK, RecAtCKI2 like
Hk2cOhk1dOs06g08450HK, RecAtCKI1 like
Hk3cCrl2e, Ohk2dOs01g69920CHASE, HK, RecCytokinin receptor
Hk4cCrl1be, Ohk4dOs03g50860CHASE, HK, RecCytokinin receptor
Hk5cCrl3e, Ohk3dOs10g21810CHASE, HK, RecCytokinin receptor
Hk6cCrl1ae, Ohk5dOs02g50480CHASE, HK, RecCytokinin receptor
  • a Features noted are conserved His-kinase domain (HK), diverged His-kinase-like domain (HKL), receiver domain (Rec), CHASE domain for cytokinin binding (CHASE), and ethylene-binding domain (C2H4).

  • b Yau et al. (2004).

  • c Pareek et al. (2006).

  • d Ito and Kurata (2006).

  • e Han et al. (2004).