Table III.

Response regulators of rice

Gene SymbolSynonymsChromosome LocusFeaturesaFamily
Rr1bRra9cOs04g36070RecType A
Rr2bRra10cOs02g35180RecType A
Rr3bRra7cOs02g58350RecType A
Rr4bRra3cOs01g72330RecType A
Rr5bRra4cOs04g44280RecType A
Rr6bRra6cOs04g57720RecType A
Rr7bRra5cOs07g26720RecType A
Rr8bRra13cOs08g28900RecType A
Rr9bRra1cOs11g04720RecType A
Rr10bRra2cOs12g04500RecType A
Rr11dRra8cOs02g42060RecType A
Rr12dRra11cOs08g28950RecType A
Rr13dRra12cOs08g26990RecType A
Rr21Rrb1c, Orr1dOs03g12350Rec, MybType B
Rr22Rrb4c, Orr2dOs06g08440Rec, MybType B
Rr23Rrb5c, Orr3dOs02g55320Rec, MybType B
Rr24Rrb2c, Orr4dOs02g08500Rec, MybType B
Rr25Rrb3c, Orr5dOs06g43910Rec, MybType B
Rr26Rrb6c, Orr6dOs01g67770Rec, MybType B
Rr27Rra16cOs05g32880Rec, MybType B
Rr28Rra22cOs04g28160Rec, MybType B
Rr29Rrb7cOs04g28130Rec, MybType B
Rr30Ehd1eOs10g32600Rec, MybType B
Rr31Os08g35650Rec, MybType B
Rr32Os08g17760Rec, MybType B
Rr33Rra19cOs08g35670Rec, MybType B
Rr41Rra14cOs03g53100RecType C
Rr42Rra15cOs04g13480RecType C
Prr1fOs02g40510Rec(D-E), CCTClock
Prr37fPrr4cOs07g49460Rec(D-E), CCTClock
Prr73fPrr3cOs03g17570Rec(D-E), CCTClock
Prr59fPrr5cOs11g05930Rec(D-E), CCTClock
Prr95fPrr2cOs09g36220Rec(D-E), CCTClock
Prr10Rra18cOs05g32890Rec(D-E), Myb
  • a Features include receiver domain (REC) with change in phosphorylated Asp indicated if differing from the conserved sequence, Myb-like DNA-binding domain (Myb), and CCT motif found in clock proteins.

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