Table III.

TF genes significantly expressed in roots of P-deficient plants identified by real-time RT-PCR

Data of genes exhibiting ≥2-fold induction or repression expression ratio in roots from P-deficient plants versus +P plants.

GenBank Accession No./TC No.AnnotationTF Family or DomainExpression Ratio −P to +PaP-Value
Induced in −P
    CV532742MYB family TFMYB superfamily3.192.5E-02
    CV541354MYB family TFMYB superfamily2.125.0E-02
    TC2883Transfactor-like proteinMYB superfamily2.004.4E-02
    TC1670Unknown protein At1g19180ZIM2.004.9E-02
Repressed in −P
    CV535367Zinc finger proteinC2H2(Zn)−3.035.0E-02
    TC1859Protein kinase (E6)C2H2(Zn)−2.005.0E-02
    TC1802GPI-anchored proteinC2H2(Zn)−2.005.0E-02
    TC2557RNA-binding proteinC2H2(Zn)−2.001.0E-02
    TC2359LOB domain proteinAS2−5.951.1E-02
    CV535841LOB domain proteinAS2−3.262.2E-02
    CV536700Ethylene response factorAP2/EREBP−2.031.1E-02
    CV530634bHLH TFbHLH−2.595.1E-02
    CV530350YABBY2-like TFC2C2(Zn)−2.673.0E-02
    CB542250WUSCHEL-related homeobox 4CCAAT−2.894.0E-03
    CB540853Phosphate starvation response regulatorMYB superfamily−2.005.0E-02
    CV535056NAM-like proteinNAC−2.001.0E-02
  • a Whenever the ratio was lower than 1 (genes repressed in P-deficiency), the inverse of the ratio was estimated and the sign was changed.