Table IV.

Metabolites identified by GC-MS in bean roots from −P- and +P-treated plants

RI, ExpectedRI, sdResponse Ratio −P to +Pa
Amino acids
    4-Aminobutyric acid1,526.5−0.151.9
    Arg (citrulline)b1,814.40.072.8
N compounds
    Putrescine (agmatine)b1,737.2−0.241.4
Organic acids
    Oxalic acid1,116.80.90−2.5
    Malonic acid1,195.00.30−2.5
    Succinic acid1,310.20.021.4
    Malic acid1,477.30.11−1.1
    2-Methylmalic acid1,464.3−0.091.3
    Shikimic acid1,792.50.051.6
Polyhydroxy acids
    Erythronic acid-1,4-lactone1,426.90.08−1.3
    Galactonic acid-1,4-lactone1,877.4−0.312.5
    [516; 1H-Indole-2,3-dione, 1-(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)-5-isopropyl-, 3-(O-methyloxime)]1,691.2−0.04−2.0
    [771; α-d-Methylfructofuranoside (4TMS)]1,760.9−0.021.6
    [802; Methylcitric acid (4TMS)]1,909.57−0.062.2
    [926; Galactosylglycerol (6TMS)]2,297.2−0.125.9
    [802; Gulose (5TMS)]2,424.30.262.0
    [964; Trehalose (8TMS)]2,678.40.027.3
    [882; Melibiose (8TMS)]3,092.9−0.273.5
  • a The response ratio of average −P root response compared with average +P root response is listed (t test significance of P ≤ 0.05 is indicated by bold format of the response ratio). For ratios lower than 1, the inverse of the ratio was estimated and the sign was changed.

  • b Represents the sum of two or more metabolites.

  • c Reference substance not yet available.

  • d MSTs are characterized by match factor and mass spectral hit.