Table VII.

Identification of rescued mutant plants using a callus induction assay with cotyledon explantsa

Mutant AlleleProgeny Plants Forming Callus on HisPlants with Auxotrophic Callus Response
hisn2-150 (50)16.0 (0.0)
hisn3-150 (50)18.0 (0.0)
hisn4-131 (60)19.4 (0.0)
hisn6a-158 (42)0.0 (0.0)
hisn834 (36)11.8 (0.0)
  • a Seeds from rescued heterozygotes were germinated on a medium containing His. Explants were then tested for callus production on media with and without His. Numbers in parentheses represent controls from parental plants not supplemented with His.