Table V.

cis-Elements identified in the promoters of SA-repressed genes

Analysis was performed on a subset of 304 genes with unambiguous probe-to-gene assignment. The number of appearances of each motif in promoters (−1,000 bp) of SA-repressed genes (fobs) was compared to its frequency in promoters of genes of the whole genome (ftheor) by a general bootstrapping technique. Only motifs significantly over- or underrepresented (P < 0.05) are listed.

Motif DescriptionSearched MotifFound MotifsfobsftheorAlternativeP (fobs = ftheor)
TATCCAY, GATA-boxTATCCA1460.480.59Underrepresented1.5e-2
I-box, MYB-like familyGATAAG1200.390.55Underrepresented4.3e-4
TAG1/RTBP1-binding, MYB-like familyAAACCC2130.700.82Underrepresented4.0e-2
W-box, WRKY familyTTGACY3171.041.22Underrepresented7.6e-3
A-box bZip variantsBACGTA2790.920.74Overrepresented2.2e-3
G-region-like (ethylene responsive)AGCCGTT410.130.06Overrepresented8.8e-7
DRE/CRT core, DREB1AACCGACA400.130.05Overrepresented2.9e-9
GT repeatGTGTGTAT270.090.06Overrepresented2.1e-2