Table VI.

cis-Elements identified in the promoters of the subgroup of genes induced by SA via a W30-sensitive pathway

Analysis was performed on subsets of genes with unambiguous probe-to-gene assignments. The number of appearances of each motif in promoters (−1,000 bp) of the cluster of 95 genes induced by SA via a W30-sensitive pathway (fobs,1) was compared to its frequency in promoters of 450 genes induced by SA (ftheor) by a general bootstrapping technique. The same was done for 248 genes induced by SA via a W30-insensitive pathway (fobs,2). Only motifs significantly over- or underrepresented in one of the tested clusters (P < 0.05) are listed. n.s.d., Observed frequency is not significantly different from the theoretical one (P ≥ 0.05).

Motif DescriptionSearched Motifftheorfobs,1P (fobs,1 = ftheor)fobs,2P (fobs,2 = ftheor)
W-box, WRKY familyTTGACY1.641.882.1e-2n.s.d.
W-box-like, WRKY familyTTGACTT0.510.733.0e-40.441.5e-2
Similar to LTRERGGCCY0.64n.s.d.0.743.4e-2