Table I.

SUMO conjugation mutants inhibit seed developmenta

Parental GenotypeWild Type (Green)Aborted (Brown or White)% Aborted Seed
Wild type26110.4
SCE1 sce1-51985822.7
SCE1 sce1-648914322.6
SAE2 sae2-152916023.2
SUM1 sum1-115600.0
SUM2 sum2-112200.0
SUM1 sum1-170323124.7
sum2-1 sum2-1
sum1-1 sum1-180719319.3
SUM2 sum2-1
  • a Mature siliques from the indicated parental genotypes were opened and the developing seeds were sorted into wild-type or mutant categories as indicated based on seed color and shape.