Table I.

Nodulation phenotypes of Medicago A17 Jemalong and hcl-4

Statistical analysis of the nodulation phenotypes of wild-type and hcl-4 plants inoculated with wild-type and nod mutant bacteria. For each combination, mean number of nodules formed with the confidence at 95% is shown (α = 0.05), as well as the relative efficiency of nodulation compared to wild-type plants. Additionally, the possibility (P) that the nodulation phenotype as a result of inoculation with mutant bacteria occurs by chance is shown; chances are calculated using the t test.

MedicagoS. melilotiMean No. of NodulesConfidence of MeanNodulation EfficiencyP versus Wild TypeP versus hcl-4
Wild typeWild type15.152.53100.0
Wild typenodFnodE12.202.2880.59.82 × 10−2
Wild typenodL6.450.8342.61.57 × 10−6
hcl-4Wild type1.240.448.2
hcl-4nodFnodE0. × 10−5
hcl-4nodL0. × 10−6