Table II.

Best-match cDNAs and associated annotations (BLASTN) for consensus sequences showing highly significant differences in transcript abundance between wild-type and vp1 mutant drought-stressed ovary sublibraries

Read frequency differences for consensus sequences were analyzed using a χ2 statistic. Consensus sequences were aligned to best-match cDNAs using BLASTN in ZmGI and IUC databases. NCBI UniGene IDs are listed for sequences where TC numbers were not available.

cDNA IDPercent Match (Length)BLASTN Annotation (Species)Read FrequencyP Value
Wild Typevp1
TC285867a100 (87)Auxin-repressed dormancy (Robinia pseudoacacia)23870910−53
TC285721b100 (98)Gly-rich protein (rice)5724410−27
TC28670498 (94)Unannotated2516710−24
TC30593098 (80)Farnesylated protein 3 (Hordeum vulgare)1411910−20
2569891100 (52)Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase (H. vulgare)2348110−18
TC285789100 (96)Auxin-repressed dormancy (pea)53110−12
TC292711100 (100)Nodulin MtN3 family (Arabidopsis)05210−13
514900b97 (116)At1g74950 (Arabidopsis)1273710−12
TC286791a100 (86)Dehydrin RAB-17 protein (maize)86910−12
TC292358100 (96)Thr-rich extensin (maize)1,0701,41410−12
507881100 (95)Unnamed protein product (rice)932110−11
TC286485100 (87)Histone H2A (maize)57539610−11
2566963b99 (104)Unknown protein (rice)741210−11
TC286030b100 (111)Harpin-induced gene 1 (rice)1063110−10
TC310545100 (93)Histone H1 (maize)25913510−10
TC294233a100 (104)Putative cystatin cc3 (Saccharum officinarum)6515810−10
2708354100 (97)Unannotated (rice)751610−10
TC29817395 (93)Histone 3 (rice)1516110−10
TC294050100 (95)EF-hand Ca2+-binding CCD1 (wheat)1023210−9
TC301902b100 (87)AP2 domain, EREBP (rice)661310−9
TC305186100 (78)Subtilisin-like proteinase (rice)1134110−9
1572511100 (49)Hypothetical protein (rice)31010−8
TC299973a95 (84)Glycogenin-like (rice)31010−8
654573100 (45)Ca+-binding EF hand family (Arabidopsis)531010−8
TC280589100 (98)Phosphate-induced protein 1 like (Pennisetum ciliare)1466710−8
2567165a90 (110)Heavy-metal associated (rice)1416410−8
2569891100 (52)Xyloglucan endo-1,4-β-d-glucanase (H. vulgare)43610−7
TC310820100 (91)CCCH-type zinc finger protein like (rice)156110−7
2569799100 (74)Unannotated591410−7
TC30012299 (103)Unannotated1275610−7
  • a cDNAs highly represented in GenBank libraries from drought-stressed maize plants.

  • b cDNAs highly represented in GenBank libraries from maize reproductive tissues.