Table III.

Arabidopsis microarray gene expression summary data

Affimetrix microarray gene expression data were explored for various gene probes of the Arabidopsis FCP1-like gene set, as detailed in “Materials and Methods”. Tissue sites of gene expression were obtained from the Genevestigator Web site ( Sets of genes whose expression is correlated with the input driver gene were obtained from the Arabidopsis Coexpression Data Mining Tools Web site (

Sequence SourceGeneAffimetrix Microarray Probe DriverPredominant Site of ExpressionNo. Highly Correlated Probesar Value: Best/100th ProbebTop 100 Probes: Protein Kinases/PhosphatasescTop 100 Probes: Ubiquitin/Proteolysis SystemcTop 100 Probes: Transcription Factorsc
Subcluster BXylem0.682(P < 10−4)
Cork0.590(P < 10−5)
Subcluster D0.831(P < 0.01)
At1g29780255998_atLateral root00.4041412
Petiole0.312(P < 0.01)
FCP1-likeAt3g55960251773_atSenescent leaf00.6201237
Subcluster EEndodermis0.444(P < 0.01)
Subcluster HAt5g23470Pollen0.818(P < 10−7)
At1g436100.797(P = 0)
FCP1-like(CPL3)Senescent leaf0.363
Subcluster H
At5g58000247894_atRoot tip00.699187
FCP1-likeAt3g29760257285_atMostly ubiquitous00.5621105
Subcluster I0.441(P < 0.01)
Root tip0.627(P < 10−3)
(CPL1)Flower0.974(P < 10−4)
At5g01270251134_atSenescent leaf00.5677510
(CPL2)Root tip0.428
  • a A “highly correlated probe” is arbitrarily defined as one with P = 0 and E = 0, where P represents the probability of such a correlation coefficient arising in the entire microarray data set by chance alone and E represents the number of times a correlation coefficient of the stated value would arise from the entire microarray data set by chance alone (see Arabidopsis Coexpression Data Mining Tools [] for details).

  • b Correlation values are Pearson correlation coefficients, rounded to three decimal places to save space.

  • c The number of observed probes in each column was analyzed for statistical significance by calculating the probability of a random sampling result using the hypergeometric distribution (this procedure corresponds to the Fisher exact test) as detailed in “Materials and Methods”. Significant probabilities are indicated; other entries in these columns have nonsignificant probabilities.

  • d This probe came from the Arabidopsis 8K gene array (all other probes came from the 22K gene array).