Table I.

Transmission of high-phosphate phenotype over five generations derived from two seeds (14H and 14N) harvested from CAPPA T0 plant 14

Seed IsolateGeneration
μg P mg−1 seed (Pi)
14H (CAPPA/CAPPA)6.63a (1)2.52a (4)4.98a (26)4.77a (6)6.00b
14N (CAPPA/−)4.51a (1)3.31a (4)5.35c (19); [0.23 (7)]NDND
  • a Values are averages of determinations of seed chips (n) from given generation.

  • b Value is averaged from determinations of pools of ground whole seeds from T4 plants.

  • c Values separated into averages for high and low (brackets) phosphate from chips of eight to 10 seeds from three T2 plants.