Table II.

Photosynthesis parameter in amk mutants

Rosette leaves of seedlings were analyzed after 21 d of growth on plates containing one-half-strength MS with 0.5% Suc. ΦPSII and qN were determined using imaging PAM. The values were determined for three plants of the same genotype 5 min after the light (250 μmol photon m−2 s−1) was switched on. Significant differences (P < 0.1) using unpaired two-tailed t tests are marked with an asterisk.

Chlorophyll content (μg g FW−1)13.6 ± 5.0*412 ± 83.9
ΦPSII0.11 ± 0.011*0.53 ± 0.040
qN0.92 ± 0.018*0.29 ± 0.018