Table I.

Functional categorization of the 551 most significantly regulated transcripts in stamen AZs

Functional categories in which AZ transcript abundance exceeded that found in the ATH1 by at least 50% are represented. GO categorization data were determined on July 18, 2007. P-values were obtained using Fisher's exact test.

GO Classification by GenesPercent of Total TranscriptsAZ OverrepresentationP-Value
A. By cellular componentATH1AZ551Fold Change
    Cell wall0.9253.53.81.1 e-7
    Extracellular0.722.33.28.0 e-5
    Nucleus7.612.11.61.5 e-5
    Other membranes20. e-11
B. By molecular function
    Transcription factor activity5.811.31.952.9 e-12
C. By biological process
    Response to stress2. e-10
    Response to abiotic or biotic stimulus2. e-10
    Transcription3. e-6
    Signal transduction2. e-4