Table I.

Properties of recombinant poplar KTIsa

KTISize (Amino Acid)Predicted pIMolecular WeightProtein Solubilityb
PredictedActual (SDS-PAGE)Distilled, Deionized Water50 mm Tris (pH Range)
TI22134.4223.124Insoluble2 and 5–12
TI32026.1522.026Soluble2–4 and 9–12
TI42124.9623.124Insoluble2–3 and 8–12
TI62025.3221.823Partially soluble2–3 and 7–12
  • a Predicted Mr and pI were calculated by Vector NTI Advance 9 software; SDS-PAGE-determined Mr was extrapolated from the logarithmic-transformed migration distance of the proteins compared with protein standards (low range; Bio-Rad).

  • b Recombinant protein solubility was assessed by dialysis of proteins in water and 50 mm Tris buffers of pH 2 to pH 12. For solubility in Tris buffer, the pH range for which the proteins were soluble is shown.