Table V.

Well-predicted categories of genes

All genes that showed an r > 0.7 between the modeled and predicted values in the linear model (see Table IV; Supplemental Table S6) were extracted and subjected to an over/underrepresentation analysis. The enrichment/depletion value is the relative enrichment of the given class when compared to the ATH1 background. Thus an enrichment/depletion value above 1 indicates an enrichment of this class compared to all ATH1 genes, and a value below 1 a depletion.

BinNameP ValueEnrichment/Depletion
29.2.2Protein synthesis miscellaneous ribososomal protein3.0E-291.98
29.2Protein synthesis1.6E-201.61
13Amino acid metabolism4.6E-161.73
28.1DNA synthesis/chromatin structure2.8E-140.61
28DNA7.1E-140.66 transposase5.8E-120.07
29Protein7.0E-121.17 retrotransposon2.6E-110.04
20.1Stress biotic3.7E-110.57
27.3.24MADS-box transcription factor family2.8E-100.14
13.1Amino acid metabolism synthesis1.0E-091.69
23Nucleotide metabolism2.4E-071.63
31Cell3.5E-071.30 degradation ubiquitin E3 SCF4.6E-070.66 degradation ubiquitin E3 SCF F-box1.2E-060.66
13.2Amino acid metabolism degradation1.4E-061.68
28.1.3DNA synthesis/chromatin structure histone2.1E-062.00