Table I.

Main headspace volatiles emitted from flowers of noninfested and M. sexta-infested N. suaveolens plants

AS, Identification based on comparison with authentic standards; NP, identification based on comparison with an essential oil (natural product); RI, identification based on retention index; MS, identification based on comparison of mass spectra. n = 6.

Major components
    1Benzyl alcohol1,046AS, RI, MS
    2Methyl benzoate1,109AS, RI, MS
    3Benzyl benzoate1,825AS, RI, MS
    4Benzyl salicylate1,953MS
Minor components
    51,8-Cineole1,051AS, RI, MS
    6p-Cresol1,109RI, MS
    72-Phenylethyl alcohol1,129RI, MS
    8Methyl nicotinate1,155RI, MS
    9Methyl salicylate1,213AS, RI, MS
    10(E)-Cinnamaldehyde1,295RI, MS
    111H-Indole1,318RI, MS
    12Cinnamyl alcohol1,326RI, MS
    13Methyl cinnamate1,406MS
    14α-Farnesene1,516NP, RI, MS
    15β-Phenylethyl benzoate1,937MS