Table I.

Cold treatment expression profiling data sets used in this study

Experimental details are shown for the 11 data sets used to investigate the main contributions to variation in the identity of cold-responsive genes. Labeling is as in Figure 1. Experiments are denoted by letters, with lowercase indicating soil-grown plants. Bold, italic, and underlined typefaces indicate the light regime: bold, continuous light for control and cold; italic, diurnal for control and continuous light for cold; underlined, diurnal for control and cold. The Light columns show both intensity (μmol m−2 s−1) and duration. The Age column gives the age in days (d) or, where available, the growth stage (Boyes et al., 2001). MS, Murashige and Skoog; NA, not applicable.

IdentifierControl PlantsCold TreatmentTissueReference
AMS24°C15018 d3°C24 h60ZT3ShootKilian et al. (2007)
Liquid16 h24 h
BMS22°CNA14 d0°C24 hNAZT12SeedlingLee et al. (2005)
Agar, 3% Suc16 h24 h
CMS21°C1001.14°C24 h100NAShootNottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre
Agar24 h424 hNASCARRAYS-70
DB524°C10010 d4°C24 h25NASeedlingVogel et al. (2005)
Agar24 h24 h
eSoil22°C10018 d4°C24 h25NAShootVogel et al. (2005)
24 h24 h
fSoil20°C1503.704°C22 h90ZT14ShootNew
18°C16 h16 h
gSoil20°C1503.74°C26 h90ZT14ShootNew
18°C16 h016 h
hSoil20°C1503.904°C24 h90ZT8Leaf discsNew
18°C16 h16 h
iSoil20°C12521 d4°C24 h125ZT2ShootKaplan et al. (2007)
15 h15 h
jSoil21°C1503.704°C22 h90ZT4ShootNew
16°C16 h16 h
kSoil21.5°CNA1.124°C24 hSameZT4ShootNottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre