Table I.

Estimates of mean period values obtained by leaf movement analysis of Col0 and sfr6 seedlings grown on 1× MS media without (ms0) or with supplementary Suc (ms3)

Pooled data are the mean values for all seedlings in a group as shown in Figure 3A. One-tailed t tests were used to determine whether to reject the null hypothesis that sfr6 free-running period did not differ from that of Col0. a, b, and c are independent repeats of the experiments.

ExperimentCol0 PeriodNo. Col0 Seedlingssfr6 PeriodNo. sfr6 SeedlingstP
ms0 a25.266325.07540.290.39
ms0 b24.996925.2544−0.420.34
ms3 a24.066424.6746−2.70<0.01
ms3 b24.746325.3335−1.94<0.05
ms3 c24.574525.8439−2.89<0.01
Pooled ms025.1213225.1598−0.060.47
Pooled ms324.4417225.24120−4.28<0.001