Table II.

Suc inhibits hypocotyl elongation in LL in sfr6 and wild-type plants

Table shows mean hypocotyl lengths of wild-type and sfr6 seedlings grown on 1× MS medium with (ms3) or without supplementary Suc (ms0) in LL or DD. Two different seed batches for each genotype were scored separately. Hypocotyl lengths were measured after 7 d of growth using ImageJ software ( One-tailed t tests were used to determine whether to reject the null hypotheses that Suc did not affect hypocotyl length (results in table) and that sfr6 mutants did not differ from wild type. Hypocotyl lengths of sfr6 and wild-type seedlings were equivalent in LL or DD on ms0 or ms3 (all t test results ns; not shown).

Genotype/Light LevelLength on ms0ms0 SEMn ms0Length on ms3ms3 SEMn ms3tP
Col0 no. 1 LL1.740.06291.320.06205.291.63E-06
Col0 no. 2 LL1.630.06251.310.06183.780.0003
sfr6 no. 1 LL1.790.06251.430.06234.383.43E-05
sfr6 no. 2 LL1.960.09261.600.07243.340.0009
Col0 no. 1 DD13.400.342615.330.5427−3.010.002
Col0 no. 2 DD14.900.282814.190.44271.360.09
sfr6 no. 1 DD14.190.582914.750.5325−0.710.24
sfr6 no. 2 DD14.380.303315.070.4124−1.340.09