Table III.

The effect of G3P on Arabidopsis PGI activity

Enzyme assays were performed on extracts from 2-d-old wild-type and sdp6-1 seedlings grown on medium containing 1% (w/v) Suc. Values are the mean ± se of assays on three extracts and are expressed as μmol min−1 g−1 FW. The kinetics values of the enzyme were derived from assays in the presence of various concentrations of G3P and F6P, and were calculated by nonlinear regression with Prism software (GraphPad Software). nd, Not determined.

LineWild Typesdp6-1sdp6-2
Vmax2.98 ± 0.512.70 ± 0.362.66 ± 0.39
Km0.60 mmndnd
Ki (G3P)4.73 mmndnd
% in cytosol59.1 ± 3.561.8 ± 7.262.8 ± 6.0