Table I.

Effects of excess C and N on the response of Synechocystis to HL treatment

Cells were grown under normal photoautotrophic growth conditions for 24 h and diluted in fresh BG11 to bring the cell density to approximately 5 × 107 cells/mL. The indicated nutrient was added and cells were grown either under LL or HL. Fv/Fm ratios and growth rates at any given time points were measured as described in “Materials and Methods.” The values are mean of three independent experiments. nd, Not determined.

BG11BG11 + HCO3BG11 + NO3BG11 + HCO3 + NO3BG11 + 3% CO2BG11a + 3% CO2BG11b + HCO3
    30 min0.463.900.451.300.452.100.453.800.472.60ndndndnd
    3 h0.452.700.453.800.442.400.454.700.484.90ndndndnd
    6 h0.424.400.4311.000.404.400.424.900.4613.30ndndndnd
    24 h0.4212.000.3717.000.4111.000.3422.000.4821.20ndndndnd
    30 h0.4121.000.3730.000.4021.000.3434.000.4837.10ndnd0.38nd
    30 min0.284.600.264.600.263.800.
    3 h0.294.300.
    6 h0.346.000.317.400.324.900.334.800.277.830.3910.560.317.40
    24 h0.4421.000.4522.000.3922.000.4323.000.4323.670.4534.550.4524.8
    30 h0.4527.000.4631.000.3730.000.4332.000.49nd0.48nd0.48nd
  • a Cells were adapted for 30 h under the respective conditions.

  • b Cells/mL is represented as (×107).