Table II.

Pearson's correlations between leaf growth variables in the Ler × An-1 RIL population as calculated with the mean value of the variables of 118 F11 lines (n = 4)

*, **, and ***, Significant correlation with P values <0.05, <0.01, and <0.001, respectively. RA, Rosette area; LN, leaf number; AL6, leaf 6 area; CA, epidermal cell area in leaf 6; CN, epidermal cell number in leaf 6.

RA (cm2)10.87**0.23*0.43***−0.06
LN (leaves)10.160.13−0.29**
AL6 (cm2)10.58***0.57***
CA (μm2)1−0.05
CN (cells)1