Table IV.

Functional classification of differentially expressed genes in LEC1-OXi transgenic plants

Functional classification of the differentially expressed genes was performed using the biological process category of Arabidopsis Gene Ontology ( Percentage (far right column) refers to the ratio of genes of each functional category relative to total up-regulated or down-regulated differentially expressed genes identified in the microarray experiment.

CategoryUp-Regulated Differentially Expressed Genes
log2 ratio
    Lipid metabolism389284811.3
    Carbohydrate metabolism01527337.8
    Nucleic acid00111122.8
    Amino acid and protein04214204.7
Growth and development
    Storage protein11111143.3
    Embryo and seed development0345122.8
    Flower development104271.6
    Cell wall031261.4
    Cytoskeleton structure00015153.5
    Stress/defense response1329153.5
Cell regulation
    Transcriptional regulation00531368.4
    Protein degradation01213163.8
    Signaling transduction00731388.9
Electron transport0038112.6
Transport facilitation03223286.6
Unknown function1314607818.4
CategoryDown-Regulated Differentially Expressed Genes
≤−2−2 to −1TotalPercentage
log2 ratio
    Lipid metabolism73103.8
    Carbohydrate metabolism66124.6
    Nucleic acid411155.7
    Amino acid and protein6293513.4
Growth and development
    Embryo and seed development3693.4
    Other development2351.9
    Stress/defense response107176.5
Cell regulation
    Transcriptional regulation712197.3
    Protein degradation1783.1
    Signal transduction49135.0
Electron transport28103.8
Transport facilitation913228.4
Unknown function21345521