Table I.

Epistatic interactions between two loci for Cu tolerance detected by a complete pair-wise search at P < 0.0005

Different letters indicate significant differences at P < 0.05 by lsd test.

Marker InteractionaInteracting Chromosome NumbersLLRRRL Mean with Combined Allelesbr2c
(A) DF.73L×GD.296C-Col1 × 310.265.1b61.4b46.8c77.3a0.03
(B) GD.160C×DF.93C1 × 123.546.5b32.1c75.9a77.5a1.00
(C) GD.160C×CC.262C1 × 513.228.4c50.4b81.0a74.5a1.71
  • a Letters in parentheses represent positions in Figure 2.

  • b C, Cvi genotype; L, Ler genotype.

  • c Proportion of phenotypic variation additively explained by epistatic interaction compared with the single-gene effect of the first marker [(gene effect of the first marker conditioned by the second marker) − (single-gene effect of the first marker)].