Table I.

Changes in expression of nucleus-encoded genes for mitochondrial proteins following 3 and 12 h of rotenone treatment

A set of 556 transcripts for nucleus-encoded mitochondrial proteins were extracted from ATH1 microarray data and placed in 18 functional groups. Significant changes in the expression of each group are reported based on Benjamini-Hochberg correction of P values calculated by the Wilcoxon rank sum test. NS, P > 0.05. Details of genes in each category are given in Supplemental Table S2.

Category3 h12 h
Complex INSNS
Complex IINSNS
Complex IVNSNS
ATP synthaseNSNS
Alternative pathwaysNS5.83E-05Up
Protein import and fateNS3.33E-05Up
Heat shock proteins and chaperoninNS3.33E-05Up
Stress-responsive proteinsNSNS
General metabolism6.89E-04Up/down3.30E-07Up
Signaling and structureNS3.30E-07Up
Carrier and transporterNS0.028826Up/down
DNA replication and transcriptionNS1.46E-04Up
Photorespiration and C1 metabolism2.41E-04DownNS
Unknown proteinsNSNS