Table IV.

Metabolism of [1-14C]Gly to 14CO2 and [14C]Ser in darkness by maize leaf discs in a segregating mutant population with varying GO activities

The [14C]Gly and [14C]Ser were separated by HPLC as described in “Materials and Methods.” The mean values are given for each plant material ±se (n = 3).

Plant Material14CO2 Released[14C]Ser Formed14CO2 to [14C]Ser
dpmmean ratioa
Low GO23,900 ± 2,41021,300 ± 1,2601.12
Intermediate GO22,900 ± 1,73022,400 ± 2,0801.02
Wild-type GO25,000 ± 5,34029,200 ± 7,5100.86
  • a One-way ANOVA indicated no significant effect (P = 0.43) of GO phenotype on the 14CO2 to [14C]Ser ratio. The mean ratio calculated across all phenotypes was 1.02 (se ± 0.07; n = 9).