Table I.

Collection of rice Atg genes

N.S., Not significantly similar in a pairwise BLAST analysis.

GeneTIGR LocusGenBank Accession No. for Corresponding cDNANo. of Amino Acid ResiduesIdentity/Similarity to Yeast; Arabidopsisa
Atg3aOs01g10290AK06773731432/51%; 73/86%
Atg3bOs10g41110AK241567314?b46/56%; 77/90%
Atg4aOs03g27350AK24283247427/39%; 51/68%
Atg4bOs04g58560AK06901247826/43%; 50/67%
Atg5Os02g02570AK06355738021/41%; 52/67%
Atg7Os01g42850AK0674221,04229/48%; 47/63%
Atg8aOs07g32800AK05993911973/92%; 84/94%
Atg8bOs04g53240AK12126811974/91%; 84/92%
Atg8cOs08g09240AK121169, AK06257312074/91%; 87/95%
Atg8dOs11g01010CI298209, CF992091, CI034410, EE59189911851/74%; 53/71%
Atg8eOs02g32700No supporting EST107?b52/78%; 51/75%
Atg10aOs04g41990AK241831198?bN.S.; 42/56%
Atg10bOs12g32210AK099684110N.S.; 33/55%
Atg12Os06g10340AK2430739335/67%; 76/88%
  • a Sequence compared with the single gene product in yeast and the a isoform from Arabidopsis.

  • b In the absence of supporting full-length cDNA or EST data, the amino acid sequence length was predicted by comparing the corresponding genomic sequence with the amino acid sequence of its paralogous protein.