Table I.

Transcriptional changes induced by auxin treatment and IAAnmII overexpression

The number of genes with statistically significant differences (see “Materials and Methods”) in expression between all vectors and treatments are given. The average fold change in expression of the 809 genes responsive to auxin treatment in the pMON999_mRFP control vector is presented for protoplasts transformed with the control vector as well as protoplasts transformed with the IAA7mII and IAA19mII overexpressors.

Comparison of TreatmentsNo. of Genes with Significant Changes in ExpressionAverage Fold Change in Expression of pMON999_mRFP Auxin-Responsive Genes
pMON999_mRFPMock08093,6633,8594,0364,3402.7 ± 0.2a
pBeaconRFP_IAA7mIIMock002,1392,3691.6 ± 0.1ab
pBeaconRFP_IAA19mIIMock06201.6 ± 0.2ab
  • a Average values are given ± se (n = 809).

  • b Statistically significant difference compared with pMON999_mRFP as determined by a two-tailed unpaired t test (P < 10−4).