Table I.

Quantitative analysis of vacuolar transfers of RCBs, chloroplasts, and stroma-targeted DsRed

RCB and chloroplast columns indicate cell numbers having RCBs or chloroplasts in the vacuole per 100 cell sections observed by LSCM. Intensity of DsRed in the vacuole of wild-type background plants represents the relative intensity of DsRed accumulated in the vacuole as the IDL 5-d + concanamycin A (conA) 20-h criterion. Fluorescence intensity is measured at cell center spots of images captured using the same laser power and detector gain. Values are means ± sd (n = 50). Different letters represent significant difference statistically analyzed by Tukey-Kramer's HSD test (P ≤ 0.01). The correlation coefficient between treatment time and RCB observability is 0.9867.

TreatmentSpan for TreatmentRCBWhole CpIntensity of DsRed in Vacuole
Wild Typeatg4a4b-1Wild Typeatg4a4b-1
Control5 d00004.1 ± 2.6d
IDLs1 d2100020.0 ± 8.1c
3 d4904032.6 ± 13c
5 d6605068.3 ± 20b
5 d + conA 20 h970430100.0 ± 37a