Table II.

Identification of C300-associated proteins by mass spectrometry

BandIdentified ProteinProtein FamilyAccession No.Unique PeptidesPredicted Molecular MassaObserved Molecular Massb
aACCIAAcetyl-CoA carboxylase3226494021257270
cUnknowncStarch phosphorylase1087111803105105
dSUS-SH1Sucrose synthase (sh1 gene)13506089285
dUnnamedEndosperm-specific protein210471224385
eSUS-SH1Sucrose synthase (sh1 gene)13506029285
eUnknowncHeat shock protein 8241715478285
fSUS-SH1Sucrose synthase (sh1 gene)13506029285
fHSP82Heat shock protein 8247722668285
fUnknowncHeat shock protein 8241715428285
gSUS-SH1Sucrose synthase (sh1 gene)13506079275
hSUS-SH1Sucrose synthase (sh1 gene)13506079275
hHSP82Heat shock protein 8247722658275
hUnknowncHeat shock protein 8241715478275
hUnknowncStarch phosphorylase108711180210575
hUnknowncStromal HSP701523377927775
  • a Molecular mass values of full-length proteins are indicated (i.e. before removal of plastid or other targeting sequences).

  • b Observed molecular mass values were estimated based on comparison with those of known standard proteins (Fig. 5).

  • c Unknown proteins are those for which maize cDNA or genomic DNA sequences are not yet included in the public data set. Protein family assignment is made based on exact matches between the peptide sequences and known protein sequences from rice or Arabidopsis, together with BLAST analysis to identify related proteins in other species.