Table I.

Notation and definitions of fluxes used in the present model

NotationDefinitionMathematical Expression
F1Electron flow from PSIF1 = F11 + F12 + F13
F11Electron flow related to the one-electron photoreduction of Embedded ImageF1 − 2k12[NADP+] − k13[MDA]
F12Electron flow related to the two-electron photoreduction of NADP+ to NADPH2k12[NADP+]
F13Electron flow related to the one-electron reduction of MDA to ASCk13[MDA]
FNNADPH flow related to the Calvin cyclekN[CO2][NADPH]
F5Rate of de novo synthesis of APXk5APX([APX]0 − [APX] − [CoI] − [CoII])