Table I.

Colocalization analysis of regulation by SA with the regulation by a n-butanol-sensitive pathway in response to SA on the whole transcriptome scale

Genes regulated in the SATB versus SA comparison or with different behavior in the SANB versus SATB and SANB versus SA comparisons and genes regulated in the same way in the SANB versus SATB as in the NB versus TB comparison were removed from the analysis. The remaining 17,343 genes were classified with respect to their regulation in the SA versus water and SANB versus SATB comparisons. The expected number of genes for each cluster was calculated and compared to the actual number observed in the analysis. P values are those of a Fisher's test. Categories printed in bold are overrepresented in the experimental data. dobs, Observed distribution; dtheor, theoretical distribution.

SA RegulationSANB versus SATBImpact of n-Butanol-Sensitive Pathway on the SA ResponseNo. of GenesP (dobs = dtheor)