Table III.

Colocalization metaanalysis of gene regulation by NPR1 with the regulation by a n-butanol-sensitive pathway in response to SA on the whole transcriptome scale

Only genes present on both microarray platforms (CATMA and Affymetrix AG) and differentially expressed after SA treatment in the CATMA experiment were considered (245 SA-induced and 214 SA-repressed genes). The genes were classified with respect to their regulation by n-butanol-sensitive pathway and by NPR1 in response to SA. The expected number of genes for each cluster was calculated and compared to the actual number observed in the analysis. P values are those of a Fisher's test. Categories printed in bold are overrepresented in the experimental data (only overlaps, i.e. genes regulated by both pathways, are listed for clarity). dobs, Observed distribution; dtheor, theoretical distribution.

SA RegulationImpact of n-Butanol-Sensitive Pathway on the SA ResponseNo. of Genes in the OverlapP (dobs = dtheor)