Table IV.

cis-Elements identified in the promoters of the subgroup of genes induced by SA via the n-butanol-sensitive pathway

The analysis was performed on a subset of genes with unambiguous probe-to-gene assignments. The number of appearances of each motif in promoters (−1,000 bp) of the cluster of 84 genes induced by SA via the positive action of a n-butanol-sensitive pathway (fobs,p) and in promoters of the cluster of 55 genes induced by SA via the negative action of a n-butanol-sensitive pathway (fobs,n) was compared to its frequency in promoters of 681 SA-induced genes (ftheor) by a general bootstrapping technique. n.s.d., The observed frequency is not significantly different from the theoretical frequency (P ≥ 0.05). Motifs were annotated according to the Riken Arabidopsis Genome Encyclopedia (Sakurai et al., 2005). R, A or G; Y, C or T; W, A or T.

Motif DescriptionSearched MotifftheorPositive Action of a n-Butanol-Sensitive PathwayNegative Action of a n-Butanol-Sensitive Pathway
fobs,pP (fobs,p = ftheor)fobs,nP (fobs,n = ftheor)
I-box, MYB-like familyGATAAG0.64n.s.d.0.422.2e–2
ASF-1-like, TGA familyTGACGTG0.120.052.0e–2n.s.d.
W-box, WRKY familyTTGACY1.512.028.4e–5n.s.d.
W-box-like, WRKY familyTTGACTT0.430.772.9e–7n.s.d.
G-box bZip variantsYACGTG0.770.338.8e–4n.s.d.
Similar to LTRERGGCCY0.880.604.0e–21.311.6e–2
CBF1 binding siteCCGWC1.17n.s.d.1.393.2e–2
SORLIP2, light responsiveTGGGCC0.490.334.2e–2n.s.d.