Table I.

Salient properties of representative phytopathogenic bacteria with published genome sequences

Host names followed with an ellipsis denote a broader host range. Column headings: V, obligately vectored by insects (as denoted by +); T, tissue primarily colonized in plant (M, mesophyll; X, xylem; P, phloem); CW, cell wall-degrading enzymes; TE, translocated effectors acting within plant cells; SP, extracellular Ser proteases; SM, small molecules. Symbols in Effectors columns: +, one or a few present; ++ many present and major role; −, none present; blank cell, not studied. References are in text.

Bacterial Groups and Representative PathogensDiseaseHost(s)VTEffectors
Proteobacteria (necrotrophs)
    P. atrosepticumBlack legPotatoMX++++
Proteobacteria (hemibiotrophs)
    P. syringae pv tomatoBacterial speckTomato, Arabidopsis, other BrassicaM++++
    R. solanacearumBacterial wiltTomato, Arabidopsis…X+++++
    X. axonopodis pv citriCankerCitrusM++++
    X. campestris pv campestrisBlack rotArabidopsis, other BrassicaX++++
    X. fastidiosaVariegated chlorosisCitrus+X+
    C. michiganensis subsp. michiganensisWilt and cankerTomatoX+++
    C. michiganensis subsp. sepedonicusRing rotPotatoX+++
    L. xyli subsp. xyliRatoon stuntingSugarcane+X++
    Candidatus P. asterisYellowsWide host range+P+