Table I.

Genetic analysis of hps mutants

rps6-1 × RLD71260.168 (P > 0.5)b
RLD × hps2-136130.061 (P > 0.7)b
rps6-2 × rps6-103443.7 (P < 0.001)c
rps6-2 × hps3-117150.127 (P > 0.7)c
rps6-2 × hps2-118160.151 (P > 0.5)c
hps2-1 × hps3-122160.042 (P > 0.8)c
  • a hps mutants were crossed to wild-type RLD and to each other. Plants from F2 populations were scored as resistant or susceptible 5 d after inoculation with DC3000(hopA1).

  • b χ2 value for expected ratio of 3 resistant:1 susceptible.

  • c χ2 value for expected ratio of 9 resistant:7 susceptible.