Table II.

Selected genes showing 2-fold change in transcript abundance in response to Fe starvation with P < 0.05 (the full data set for the selected genes is shown in Supplemental Table S1)

TIGR locus identifiers are given for each transcript at left. The –Fe ratio of these groups of genes are at least 2. Both the expression ratio in response to –Fe (−Fe+P versus +Fe+P), –P (+Fe−P versus +Fe+P), and –Fe–P (−Fe−P versus +Fe+P) of roots and shoots are shown. Positive numbers indicate increases in gene expression, whereas negative numbers indicate decreases in gene expression. The growth conditions, –Fe, –P, or −Fe−P treatment, and the microarray data analysis are detailed in “Materials and Methods.” Genes was classified into six groups according to their putative functions. The description of annotation for each gene at right was according to TIGR general description and the RAP general description.

TIGR Locus IdentifierFold Change in RootFold Change in ShootDescription
DMA biosynthesis
    Os02g203605.1−−3.6−2.4Nicotianamine aminotransferase 1 (OsNAAT1)
    Os03g133908.3−10.6−1.510.8−1.11.1Deoxymugineic acid synthase (OsDMAS1)
    Os03g194272.3−722.51.11,807.81.01.0Nicotianamine synthase 1 (OsNAS1)
    Os03g194202.2−893.4−1.4876.41.01.1Nicotianamine synthase 2 (OsNAS2)
    Os07g489803.4−−1.91.3Nicotianamine synthase 3 (OsNAS3)
    Os12g398602.2− phosphoribosyltransferase (OsAPT1)
    Os06g022203.2−4.9− homocysteine nucleosidase (OsMTAN)
    Os04g574006.5− kinase (OsMTRK)
    Os01g220104.4−−1.7−1.8S-Adenosylmethionine synthetase (OsSAM2)
    Os04g241405.3− 5-phosphate isomerase family protein (OsRPI)
    Os11g293706.4− (DEP)
    Os06g291808.9− formate dehydrogenase (FDH)
    Os10g283504.8−1.42.322.020.05.51,2-Dihydroxy-3-keto-5-methylthiopentene dioxygenase 1 (OsARD1)
    Os03g066206.9−,2-Dihydroxy-3-keto-5-methylthiopentene dioxygenase 2 (OsARD2)
Fe transport and mobilization
    Os07g154608.7−10.33.8301.5−2.01.6Putative NRAMP family metal transporter (OsNRAMP1)
    Os02g434107.0−−1.4−1.3Fe(III)-DMA transporter (OsYSL15)
    Os02g4337010.3− transporter (OsYSL2)
    Os03g46470190.61.39.713.8−1.11.2Fe(II) transporter 1 (OsIRT1)
    Os03g46454192.6−1.019.747.1−1.0−1.0Fe(II) transporter 2 (OsIRT2)
    Os03g5400062.1−−1.01.0Oligopeptide transporter 3 (OsOPT7)
    Os01g4241010.93.01.710.54.64.0PDR5-like ABC transporter
    Os04g118205.51.8− transporter family protein
    Os08g307403. transporter family protein
    Os04g498903.61.61.1−1.6−2.6−2.6ABC transporter family protein
    Os03g6426016.−1.0Ethylene-responsive element-binding protein, putative, expressed (AP2)
Phytohormone related
    Os05g2821034.2−1.0−1.0248.9−1.01.0Embryonic abundant protein 1
    Os03g6206039.2−−1.21.0IAA-amino acid hydrolase ILR1 precursor
    Os06g4497012.−1.01.0Auxin efflux carrier component 2 (OsPIN1c)
    Os09g37330−15.61.1−1.51.2−1.01.0Auxin-responsive SAUR gene family protein
    Os01g5624017.41.0− SAUR gene family protein
    Os08g3985011.4−−1.11.1Lipoxygenase 8, chloroplast precursor
    Os12g1272013.9−1.0− protein
    Os03g5286021. 2
    Os03g5580034. P450 74A1, chloroplast precursor
    Os06g1129076. reductase 2
    Os09g2782013.910. oxidase-1