Table III.

Repeat content and composition in WCAall and WCA1H datasets

Sequences from the WCAall as well as the WCA1H collection were analyzed for their repeat content. Similar frequencies of each category were observed in the two collections.

Type of Repetitive ElementWCAallWCA1H
% of genome% of genome
Class I: retroelement67.6171.10
    LTR retrotransposon66.9970.41
    Unclassified LTR17.1417.41
    Non-LTR retrotransposon0.610.68
    Unclassified retroelement0.010.01
Class II: DNA transposon6.446.00
    DNA transposon superfamily6.065.62
    CACTA superfamily5.595.19
    hAT superfamily0.050.06
    Mutator superfamily0.240.22
    Tc1/Mariner superfamily0.080.03
    DNA transposon derivative0.240.26
    Unclassified DNA transposon0.050.06
    High copy number gene0.130.04
    RNA gene0.130.04