Table I.

Statistics of the GENPOP

StatisticsPopulation 1Population 2Population 3Total
Established in year200120022003
Population size (lines)2,3041,2971,3034,904
No. of genes TILLed61251061
No. of fragments TILLed84311184
Total fragment length TILLed (kb)
Nonoverlapping fragment length TILLed (kb)95.138.615.295.1
No. of mutations obtained44610822576
Mb screeneda219.050.119.8288.9
No. of mutations per Mbb2.
Mutation load (kb)c491464899502
  • a Length of nonoverlapping fragments multiplied by number of plants TILLed.

  • b Number of mutations obtained divided by Mb of nonoverlapping fragments screened.

  • c Average fragment length per mutation.