Table IV.

Labeling of the singly, doubly, and triply phosphorylated glucans remaining in the insoluble MD after the action of recombinant AtSEX4

Following 30 or 60 min of incubation with AtSEX4, the residual insoluble phosphoglucans were isolated. The 33P content of each of the three phosphoglucan species is given as percentage of the initial 33P labeling of the respective species (100%).

MDcryst Allomorph33P Labeling of Phosphorylated MD after SEX4 Incubation
30 min incubation with SEX4
    A type57.318.510.8
    B type46.115.99.4
60 min incubation with SEX4
    A type49.113.66.8
    B type41.313.86.2