Table II.

Catalytic properties of the CS-LIKE recombinant protein for the DES and OASTL enzymatic reactions

The substrate saturation experiments were performed with CS-LIKE recombinant protein and Cys as a substrate for the DES reaction; OAS and H2S were used as cosubstrates for the OASTL reaction. The kinetic constants were calculated from the Hanes plots of substrate concentration versus substrate concentration/initial velocity.

DES ReactionOASTL Reaction
mmμmol min−1 mg−1mm−1min−1mmmmμmol min−1 mg−1mm−1min−1
0.4 ± 0.10.04 ± 0.0033.55.2 ± 0.60.25 ± 0.011.8 ± 0.045.9