Table III.

Glc 3-P and Glc 6-P contents of leaf starch in wild-type and mutant plants

Leaf starch was purified from plants harvested at the end of the light period. For each genotype, two 5-mg samples were taken from a batch of starch from several pooled plants. Each sample was hydrolyzed, and two separate measurements were made on each hydrolysate. Glc phosphates were separated by HPAEC-PAD using a Dionex ICS-3000 HPLC system with a PA1 column. Values are means ± se from four measurements.

GenotypeGlc 6-PGlc 3-PRatio Glc 3-P/Glc 6-P
nmol μmol−1 Glc equivalentsnmol μmol−1 Glc equivalents
Col-00.91 ± 0.150.15 ± 0.030.161 ± 0.011
lsf10.87 ± 0.130.14 ± 0.020.158 ± 0.013
sex40.52 ± 0.090.06 ± 0.010.124 ± 0.013
lsf1/sex40.63 ± 0.100.09 ± 0.020.144 ± 0.010