Table I. Characterization of enzyme activities in roots of 5-week-old mMDH, FL, SCoAL, ACO, and CS antisense transgenic plants

Values are presented as means ± se of six individual plants per line. Values marked with different letters differ significantly from each other (P < 0.05). ANOVA was done between transgenic lines and their corresponding wild type (WT).

GenotypeEnzyme Activities
μmol min−1 mg−1 protein
WTmMDH3,420 ± 310a
mMDH71,540 ± 140b
mMDH81,330 ± 140b
mMDH211,780 ± 160b
WTFL40 ± 5a
FL119 ± 1b
FL417 ± 1b
FL6322 ± 2c
WTSCoAL450 ± 81a
SCoAL18300 ± 40b
SCoAL25221 ± 30b
SCoAL4776 ± 10c
WTACO110 ± 11a
ACO197 ± 1b
ACO2642 ± 5c
ACO3871 ± 1d
WTCS97 ± 13a
CS2254 ± 3b
CS2556 ± 3b
CS4524 ± 2c