Table I. Sequence analysis of Bs1 genes in maize and the teosintes
Codon DisruptedaNature of Disruption (Size in bp)Bs1 Sequenceb
12StopL14, L15, D13
16Indel (1)H10
26StopD13, H8, H10
40Indel (2)L14, L15
62, 63Indel (2)L14, D13
79Indel (1)L14, L15
88Indel (1)L14, L15, D13, D18, H25, H10, Mx6, Mx16, Mx23, Mx24
138Indel (21)D12, D18
171Indel (8)D13
185Indel (1)L14, L15, D12, D13, D18, H10, Mx16, P22, My3
194Indel (69)L14, L15, D13
206StopL14, L15
234Indel (1)Mx23
257StopMx6, Mx23, Mx24
286Indel (1)L14, L15
339Indel (1)D13
344Indel (1)D13
345Indel (1)D18, H10, Mx23, My1, My3, My5
373StopMx6, Mx23, Mx24
430StopD12, D18
435Indel (3)Mx16
471Indel (1)H25
473Indel (91)Mx16
490–510Indel (60)D12, D18
526Indel (1)H8
548Indel (1)H10
561Indel (187/183)L14, L15, D13
619Indel (2)D18
679–689Indel (30)L14, L15
736Indel (2)L14, L15, D12, D13, D18, H10, Mx6, Mx16, Mx23, Mx24, P22, My3
736, 737Indel (3)H8
738StopL14, L15, D13
Downstream of ORF1Indel (12)L14, L15, D12, D13, D18
Downstream of ORF1Indel (2/1)L14, L15, D12, D18, P22
Downstream of ORF1Indel (59)My1, My3
  • a Codon numbers are based on Bs1 ORF1 in Z. mays subsp. mays.

  • b Bs1 copies were cloned from Z. luxurians (L), Z. diploperennis (D), Z. mays subsp. mexicana (Mx), Z. mays subsp. huehuetenangensis (H), Z. mays subsp. parviglumis (P), and Z. mays subsp. mays (My). A 696-bp deletion found in H25 is not represented here.